Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tips to Prevent Early Acne Scars

Erratic lifestyles and unhealthy food habit nowadays are causing varied skin problems, irrespective of age, acne being one of them.

Pimples may break out even when you are an adult, leaving skin scars that don’t disappear easily. Before talking about how to prevent early acne scars, it is important to know the root cause behind such skin marks.

When acne happens?

This skin problem generally occurs when oil or sebaceous glands become too active during adolescence and start secreting sebum under the influence of androgen hormone. Though after the age of 20, sebum production reduces gradually, one can develop acne scars if he/she has-

  • Genetic skin problems
  • High level of stress or anxiety
  • Habit of compressing pimples

Acne is further caused if the person doesn’t maintain basic hygiene standards. Those staying in humid climate amidst excessive pollution can also develop pimples. Spending excess time under the sun without sunscreen protection or using too much oily make up can cause this skin condition too.

Five Effective Tips to Prevent Early Acne Scars
  • The best way to avoid scars is by preventing acne from taking a worst turn. Many tend to take acne problems lightly which is not at all advisable. Start an early treatment. Rather than relying on own medication, a wise approach is to consult an aesthetic medical practitioner.
  • Inflamed acne lesions leave greater scars than non-inflamed ones. Avoid harsh skin care products. Scrub your skin gently. Don’t do anything to further irritate skin in case it shows early signs of acne.
  • If you have this habit of squeezing or popping the pimple, then stop immediately! This can lead to skin infection and acute inflammation which in turn damage skin tissues severely. By squeezing pimples, you are extending healing time too. In worst cases, the person is left with permanent acne scar.
  • One positive thing is that acne doesn’t leave scar always. However, if you are indeed unlucky to develop scars whenever pimple happens, then better consult a skincare expert.
  • Excessive exposure to sun can severely damage your skin and delay the healing process. If you need to spend maximum time outdoors, then opt for a good sunscreen. Apply it at least half an hour before leaving home. Those who are prone to pimples should avoid oil based sunscreens.

To Sum it Up

Acne is not a very serious skin problem. If you have an acne-prone skin, then certain precautionary measures are to be adopted. Try to lead a healthy and stress-free life. Acne can be prevented by following a specific skin cleansing and nourishing routine. Of course, you need patience and persistence to stick to the dos and don’ts.

In case acne scarring takes serious turn, immediately get in touch with a skincare expert for necessary guidance. By consulting the aesthetic medical practitioner, you get to know what kind of cream or lotion should be applied to prevent recurrence of acnes. 

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