Thursday, 30 October 2014

Few Basic Facts about Microdermabrasion

In today’s world, appearance plays an important role in a variety of judgments and decisions that have real occupational outcomes. Improvement in appearance helps boost an individual’s self-esteem. Various cosmetic procedures can help in making the skin look younger and attractive. This article discusses a few basic facts about Microdermabrasion.

A fairly simple and light cosmetic procedure, Microdermabrasion acts as a miracle cure for acne and dull, aging skin. It is a non-surgical procedure and is most often performed on the face, neck, and arms. As a pleasing consequence of this procedure, exfoliation of skin and its eventual regeneration makes the skin softer and brighter.

The quick results of Microdermabrasion and its surprisingly low cost treatment procedure makes it rather popular among varied client categories. The main reason why many people opt for this light cosmetic procedure over other kinds of treatments is that it can unclog pores and effectively get rid of dead skin in a way that no other cream or scrub can.

This light cosmetic procedure involves use of aluminium oxide crystals, which are applied on the affected skin using a pressurized nozzle. After these crystals are blasted off the outer layer through suction, a fresh layer of skin is revealed underneath. Following this, lotions are applied so that the minor side effects like skin tightness, small skin abrasions, etc. can be avoided. This procedure can also be carried out by using diamonds instead of crystals.

One positive thing about the diamond treatment procedure is that it does not produce particles that can enter the eyes or get accidentally inhaled by the patient. Hence, the diamond light cosmetic procedure is considered much safer when used on areas around the eyes and lips. As the diamond tips have a harder time fitting into contours of an uneven surface, they might not be that effective on certain areas of the body. However, opinions vary regarding effectiveness of the diamond treatment versus the average crystal method.

Typically, Microdermabrasionface treatments are performed at intervals, with every session taking less than an hour. Around six to ten treatments are suggested to reach maximum benefit, though noticeable changes in the skin tend to surface immediately following few sessions. Maintenance after every two or three months is suggested to maintain the treatment effect.

One of the questions that pop up during discussions on Microdermabrasion is which category of clients should consider this procedure. The answer is this particular cosmetic procedure can be a good treatment option for people with aging or wrinkled skin, acne, pick-marks, etc. Contrary to popular belief that only women opt for this light cosmetic procedure, it is actually quite popular among men too. However, this treatment is not recommended for all skin types. Only an expert cosmetic medical practitioner can guide you in this regard.

Although home Microdermabrasion kits are sold in stores, these tools can be harmful to the skin, if not used properly. Hence, a trusted and licensed medical aesthetician should be consulted prior to the treatment, so that potential effectiveness of the treatment and its possible side effects can be discussed in detail, before giving a go-ahead.

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