Thursday, 26 March 2015

Why You Should Avoid Cheap Aesthetic Treatments

A woman’s never-ending desire to remain beautiful often ends with the search for appropriate aesthetic treatments. Those who are into aesthetic medicine practice opine that they are usually approached by women past 40 for treatments like anti-wrinkle fillers, skin rejuvenation, non-surgical facelift or skin pigmentation. The one complaint cosmetic doctors often face is the high cost of aesthetic treatments which restrain patients from picking up such procedures in spite of being fully aware of their effectiveness.

Aesthetic beauty treatment is a contentious market as so many players have entered the segment, sensing its immense potential. They are offering whole variations of cosmetic treatments at different price ranges. Quite naturally, patients find it hard to understand why treatment prices fluctuate so much from one service point to another when both are offering essentially the same service. Their concerns are logical indeed. While there are cosmetic practitioners who do exploit clients by unnecessarily suggesting expensive treatments, there are many who adhere to high ethics while charging patients. 

The one adage which aptly fits cosmetic treatments is "good things don't come cheap, and cheap things are no good”. So if someone is offering aesthetic treatments much below general market rates, then give it a second thought. Here’s why cheap aesthetic treatment is not a wise idea.

The standard of service gets compromised

Just like any other service industry, aesthetic treatments which cater to clients, need to incur some costs for aesthetic medical specialization and specific staff training purposes. These form the key components of a professional medical facility. So if a centre claims to offer the cheapest service, then there’s reason to doubt about the standard. 

Treatment done by doctors without Aesthetic medical certification

When a doctor offers service, like Botox injection or laser rejuvenation treatment, only medical certification won’t do. He should have a professional license and years of experience to conduct aesthetic treatments. Someone who is in the profession for the long-haul will keep renovating his/her premises to accommodate modern aesthetic procedures, invest time and money in research and training, as well as take time off to hone skills. All these can’t be achieved if the treatment is offered at nominal costs which in turn mean your skin might end up in amateurish hands!

Modern equipments might be missing

Procedures like laser hair removal, anti-wrinkle filling or skin rejuvenation demand appropriate medical equipments. If the doctor is serious about expanding her aesthetic business, he/she would invest in clinically tested and health ministry approved apparatus. Those offering highly specialized cosmetic treatments might need additional equipments which are generally not found in typical beauty salons. Add to this the cost of consumables and the end-user treatment cost naturally goes up. Still this is a safer option than going for a facility where you get treated with age-old equipments.

Finally to conclude, the responsibility of aesthetic practitioners should be to maintain a certain treatment fee without compromising on any of the above factors. Side by side they are expected to adhere to market rules and keep adjusting prices leaving little room for patients to complain about the exorbitant price tag. 

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