Monday, 29 June 2015

Weight Loss Surgery: How Best You Can Get Prepared

Obesity has become a problem worldwide. While some countries are affected the most but not conscious yet, many are trying their best to address the main causes of the problem. In general an adult is considered obese when the Body Mass Index (BMI) exceeds 30. If not treated in time, obesity can result in several serious diseases like Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure along with heart disease, osteoarthritis and critical liver diseases. In worst scenarios, obesity can even lead to different forms of cancer.

If you are obese, it is one health condition which can be easily corrected at the early stages. Otherwise, bariatric surgery remains the only option to recover from this ailment. This is one form of surgery which immensely affects your overall lifestyle for years to come. So an extremely cautious approach is advised before you undergo any form of bariatric surgery. Do have a consultation session with an expert aesthetic medical practitioner. The session can surely enlighten you about how to get prepared for the weight loss surgery in the safest manner. It covers several stages of psychological and physical evaluations and preparations, as outlined below.

Psychological Preparation

This is a crucial stage that is handled compassionately and efficiently by an expert who is competent in offering guidance to obese patients like you. An evaluation is done on your personal, social, and psychiatric history. It is also determined whether you are willing to follow a rigorous diet and exercise regime before and after the weight loss surgery. It is further assessed if you would get enough physical and emotional support from family and friends. The psychological preparation additionally aims at assessing whether you are alcoholic, and whether you have had a history of anxiety or any other personality problem.

Physical Preparation

A detailed exercise and diet regime is chalked out for you to follow before and after the surgery.  The nutrition and diet therapy is prepared based on your actual weight, food preferences, medical history, and meal frequency. An experienced dietician prepares individualized meal plan customized to meet your own eating habits, nutritional requirements, lifestyle, and budget. It is also very important to develop for you customized exercise and physical activity plans that should begin well before the surgery and resume immediately after the surgery.

Pre-operative Preparations

The medical practitioner provides you with a necessary set of guidelines to be followed before the bariatric surgery. These include drinking adequate water, reduction in smoking and alcohol consumption, maintaining a detailed food diary and mandatory intake of multivitamins – all on a daily basis. In  addition, you are encouraged to interact with support groups that are meant for obesity surgery candidates.

The basic preparation for weight loss surgery starts with the pledge to lead a better and healthier lifestyle. The journey is not easy, but it can be surely smoothened and simplified with capable guidance from experienced medical practitioners. What is primarily needed on your part is to develop a close bond with the weight loss consultant. You should provide her with all the required feedback, so that she can clearly understand your outlook and dedication. This helps in charting out an effective preparation plan for your bariatric surgery, following which you can surely regain your slimmer shape!

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