Thursday, 27 March 2014

Viral warts and tattoos

What are viral warts and how do they happen?
  1. Warts are small, harmless growths caused by viral infection.
  2. Warts develop due to unhygienic conditions or because of contact with other people who are infected.
  3. The warts are caused by a viral disease known as HPV or Human Pappiloma Virus.
  4. Transference of the infection can be either direct (from person to person) or indirect (through objects or substances such as clothing, bedding, especially from hospitals).
  5. Swimming pools and bathrooms are some common areas, which spread warts, especially if the skin has been softened and comes in to contact with rough surfaces. Once the infection has penetrated the skin, spreading of the infection can occur by scratching, shaving, traumatization of the skin, such as piercing at the location of the skin where the infection is present.
  6. If someone had already been infected, there is more likelihood of the warts reoccurring.
  7. Occurrence of the HPV is likely in children from ages 2-12 years and in both genders of the human race.
  8. The infection can regress anywhere from 3 months to 2 years, depending on the nature of the viral infection. There are several strains of the HPV which can co-exist and interact.
  9. The time taken by the warts to clear out depends on the strain of virus infecting the skin, the host’s immune system, and extent and duration of the warts.
Will Warts affect Tattooed Skin?

Yes, they will if proper care is not taken.

Tips to Maintaining Tattooed Skin

Skin tags, infections such as acne and viral warts can also affect skin that has tattoos. While it is easier to treat skin that has no artwork on it, treating a tattooed skin could damage the artwork. Therefore to ensure that your tattoos retain their beauty, follow these tips.
  • Before you embark on getting a tattoo or tattoos, and if it is going to be in a spot where there is hair growth, then get the area waxed by a professional, instead of allowing the tattoo artist to shave of the hair. When waxing is done by a professional, there are less chances of ingrowth of hair.
  • If a wart or acne is present at the spot where you intend to get the wart, first get it treated by a dermatologist. Do not get a tattoo especially if you have a HPV infection, as piercing or traumatization of the skin can cause the infection to spread even more.
  • If you go on to get a tattoo over the skin tag or wart, then the tattoo design will have a large skin tag or wart which could distort the image.
  • Prior to getting a tattoo avoid getting a sun tan as sun tans and tattoos do not gel well.
  • If you wish to retain the quality of your tattoo through the years, avoid the sun. Use a SPF 30 sun tan lotion. Exposure to too much sun can cause the tattoos to blur over time.
  • Do not bathe, shower or get your skin wet immediately after getting a tattoo, as your skin is still tender and is healing from the tattoo process and traumatization of the piercing. Avoid swimming pools and stay away from bathing in the sea, as the chlorine and salt in the water will wash away the colors from your tattoo.
  • Remember that the area where the tattoo has been affixed is still tender and is healing. Therefore do not scratch the healing skin, as your nails carry bacteria that could infect the raw, healing skin.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Homemade Wrinkle Treatments

Aging and Wrinkle Formation

A newborn baby has a very soft, smooth and wrinkly skin. Nourishment and growth fill out the wrinkles and with growth the aging process begins. During this stage, special baby lotions and skin care products that are applied onto the baby’s skin, continue to keep the baby/toddler’s skin smooth, soft and supple. As the child grows, it is still important to protect the skin from exposure to the sun, pollution and chemicals in the air. Teenage years with its blights and acne, changes the texture of the skin as it starts its aging process. This is the time to start a skin care regime to ward off those pesky wrinkles that will inevitably start to appear in your early thirties; as lines first and if immediate correctional action is not taken, then yes, those wrinkles will soon make their appearance.

In order to age gracefully, and keep that skin looking young, soft, smooth and wrinkle free, here are some homemade remedies that can keep your skin healthy, glowing and wrinkle free. Remember it is not only imperative to pay attention to the general health of your body but it is also necessary to maintain a healthy skin that helps match your young looking body.

Homemade Remedies to ward off Wrinkles

Spas and beauty salons will give you their professional treatments but at a cost. It is nice to be pampered and to relax while the professional beautician sets to work to pamper and tone your facial skin. But that same skin care and pampering can also be carried out in the comfort of your home. Here is how.

A Fruit, Honey Yogurt Mask

Ingredients employed to make this mask are 1 tsp. of plain yogurt, 1 tsp. of honey, 1/2 tsp. of orange juice, and 1/4 cup of bananas. Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix, apply it to your face either using a soft brush or by using your hands. Lie down for 15 minutes to allow the mask to work its magic. The yogurt and honey work on your skin to tighten the enlarged pores and the orange juice helps to smoothen out your skin, while the banana helps to hydrate skin that is dry and irritated.

A Tart and Limey Mask

This is a slow acting mask but can be used twice in a day. The mask is made off just Lemon Juice. Lemon juice helps to tighten your skin and the enlarged pores and also helps tighten the wrinkled skin on your face. However, since lemon juice could dry out your skin, please use a light moisturizer, after washing the lemon juice mask off your face. Lemon juice is also effective in getting rid of other aging signs such as dark circles under your eyes.

An Egg, Honey and Fruit Mask

Ingredients used in this mask are 1 white of an egg, 1 tsp of organic honey, 3-4 drops of tea tree oil (for acne prone skin), 1 tsp of non- GMO cornstarch (the latter to be used in case of an oily skin or for extra tightening effects). Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix and then apply a thin layer of the mask onto your face. Let it remain for 30 minutes before you rinse your face out. Using the egg white without whisking it results in your facial skin being smoother and sleeker look.

Three Vitamins

Vitamin E, C and K also play an important role in helping keep your skin rejuvenated, young and wrinkle free. Consumption of food rich in these vitamins will help keep your skin young and supple.