Wednesday, 24 December 2014

How to get rid of under-eye Wrinkles

Age leaves its mark on every skin. Even those who are into a daily skincare regime can’t escape the onset of age spots on face. Appearance of fine lines under and around eyes is quite a common phenomenon which is usually noticed past 40. The skin around eyes being so thin and sensitive is prone to early damage. In fact, under-eye wrinkles are the very first signs of skin aging which can leave you depressed. So, is it really possible to get rid of under-eye wrinkles and rejuvenate that youthful look? The answer is yes, provided you follow a balanced lifestyle and take special care of your skin, while aging gracefully. Discussed below are few simple tips which can prove to be effective in this regard.
Take a close look at your daily routine
Are you leading a destructive or irregular lifestyle? Then be careful! According to the American Academy of Dermatology, several aspects of lifestyle like excessive drinking or smoking can damage skin cells thus causing under-eye wrinkles at an early age. Late night parties or irregular work hours are to be blamed too. Those who frown too much or make facial expressions might also notice crinkles around eyes.
Take special care of skin around eyes
Ultraviolet rays in sunlight damage skin cells thus causing hyper-pigmentation. However the effect is most obviously noticed around eyes. So it is very important to take proper precautions while going outdoors during daytime. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen. Make sure to pick up the one with a minimum SPF of 15. A pair of sunglasses should be your constant outdoor companion. Select glasses which properly cover the areas around eyes.

Pamper your skin
With growing age, your skin demands more attention and pampering. So don’t shy away from investing in a good moisturizing facial cream, an anti-aging wrinkle cream and an under-eye cream. The basic moisturizer nourishes your dry skin with right quantity of moisture thereby reducing severity of fine lines and wrinkles. The under-eye cream takes special care of the sensitive skin under and around your eyes. 

Skin care experts suggest anti-aging eye creams that contain ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides, Retinol, Neuropeptides along with antioxidant vitamins E and C. Since the ingredient Retinol can make your skin more susceptible to sunrays, experts advice using the anti-aging cream at night. The basic moisturizer can be applied at day time.
Consult a skincare expert
A balanced combination of over-the-counter and at-home skin treatments are best ways to keep aging at bay. However it is not advisable to go for any and every anti-aging or under-eye cream just because it belongs to a popular brand and is publicized widely. Applying a cream without knowing your skin type might prove to be quite harmful. So before visiting the cosmetic counter, make sure you visit a reliable aesthetic medicine practitioner.

Some might feel that just to get rid of under-eye wrinkles, consulting a skincare expert is an expensive idea! This is not so. Be assured, you will realize the benefit in the long run with diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

What You Should Know About Non-Surgical Beauty Treatments

Age leaves its mark on skin in the form of dark patches, fine lines and wrinkles. While it is every woman’s heartfelt desire to stay young forever, it might not be possible to avoid age spots with the ticking biological clock. Going under the knife is not a favorable option for many to treat wrinkles. This is why demand keeps growing for non-surgical beauty treatments. 

Some might feel that since such treatments don’t involve critical surgery, they can start the process anytime and the way they want. This is not really advisable! It is very important to gather some basic knowledge about non-surgical cosmetic procedures before picking up a particular one. This would ensure effective result without damaging the skin. Discussed below is some important info about such treatments.
Most popular non-surgical beauty treatments
  • Botulinum toxin injections also popularly known as Botox, proves to be a very effective beauty procedure. It helps relax facial muscles, make wrinkles and fine lines less obvious.
  • Chemical peel is an effective option wherein certain chemicals are used to remove outer layer of skin cells. This helps rejuvenate the skin and gives it a fresh look.
  • Dermal fillers are specific types of injections which help fill out skin wrinkles and fine lines. The treatment is mainly preferred to increase definition and volume of lips.
  • Microdermabrasion is another popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure which is done by spraying fine crystals onto the affected portion to gently remove dead skin cells. This treatment is particularly effective in removing wrinkles and skin patches.
  • Non-surgical laser treatment is a favored option for those who want to remove unwanted body and facial hair painlessly.
Non-surgical cosmetic procedures – are these risky?
In general, beauty treatments which involve injections are less risky than surgical cosmetic procedures. However some complications may arise due to over-correction or allergic reactions. The best way to minimize risk factors is by consulting a proficient beauty therapist.
Where one can get the non-surgical treatment done safely
As mentioned already, even though no surgery is involved, it is always advised that you seek opinion from an expert before giving the nod to any of these treatments. If it is a cosmetic injectable process like Botox, then that should be done under the supervision of a trained aesthetic medical practitioner or skincare expert who has extensive knowledge in this field. Do check out the necessary clinical background of the beautician before finalizing the cosmetic procedure.
How to proceed with the treatment
Prescribing the cosmetic injectable treatment over phone, chat, fax or video link can prove to be too risky. A good idea is to have an appointment with the beauty therapist to discuss your specific skin problems. At the same time you can also check out her educational background and performance record just to make sure that your skin is in safe hands! Be sure to confirm what kind of post-treatment support is provided by the skincare specialist. 

Finally to conclude, there is nothing wrong in going for non-surgical beauty treatments, provided you follow all necessary safety procedures.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Few Basic Facts about Microdermabrasion

In today’s world, appearance plays an important role in a variety of judgments and decisions that have real occupational outcomes. Improvement in appearance helps boost an individual’s self-esteem. Various cosmetic procedures can help in making the skin look younger and attractive. This article discusses a few basic facts about Microdermabrasion.

A fairly simple and light cosmetic procedure, Microdermabrasion acts as a miracle cure for acne and dull, aging skin. It is a non-surgical procedure and is most often performed on the face, neck, and arms. As a pleasing consequence of this procedure, exfoliation of skin and its eventual regeneration makes the skin softer and brighter.

The quick results of Microdermabrasion and its surprisingly low cost treatment procedure makes it rather popular among varied client categories. The main reason why many people opt for this light cosmetic procedure over other kinds of treatments is that it can unclog pores and effectively get rid of dead skin in a way that no other cream or scrub can.

This light cosmetic procedure involves use of aluminium oxide crystals, which are applied on the affected skin using a pressurized nozzle. After these crystals are blasted off the outer layer through suction, a fresh layer of skin is revealed underneath. Following this, lotions are applied so that the minor side effects like skin tightness, small skin abrasions, etc. can be avoided. This procedure can also be carried out by using diamonds instead of crystals.

One positive thing about the diamond treatment procedure is that it does not produce particles that can enter the eyes or get accidentally inhaled by the patient. Hence, the diamond light cosmetic procedure is considered much safer when used on areas around the eyes and lips. As the diamond tips have a harder time fitting into contours of an uneven surface, they might not be that effective on certain areas of the body. However, opinions vary regarding effectiveness of the diamond treatment versus the average crystal method.

Typically, Microdermabrasionface treatments are performed at intervals, with every session taking less than an hour. Around six to ten treatments are suggested to reach maximum benefit, though noticeable changes in the skin tend to surface immediately following few sessions. Maintenance after every two or three months is suggested to maintain the treatment effect.

One of the questions that pop up during discussions on Microdermabrasion is which category of clients should consider this procedure. The answer is this particular cosmetic procedure can be a good treatment option for people with aging or wrinkled skin, acne, pick-marks, etc. Contrary to popular belief that only women opt for this light cosmetic procedure, it is actually quite popular among men too. However, this treatment is not recommended for all skin types. Only an expert cosmetic medical practitioner can guide you in this regard.

Although home Microdermabrasion kits are sold in stores, these tools can be harmful to the skin, if not used properly. Hence, a trusted and licensed medical aesthetician should be consulted prior to the treatment, so that potential effectiveness of the treatment and its possible side effects can be discussed in detail, before giving a go-ahead.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Five Most Effective Aesthetic Treatments

At some point in life, people start realizing that their mirror has begun to betray them! Then they fervently wish to turn back the bio-clock and erase all those wrinkles to get back their youthful looks. This is the reason why cosmetic surgery has become indispensable to many nowadays.

With the idea of cosmetic surgery, there comes a kind of hidden worry about whether the result may warp your face and transform you to someone else! Today, with advancements in beauty treatments, several affordable non-surgical procedures have come up that can help you look better without going under the knife. Discussed below are five most effective aesthetic treatments that can completely transform your look.

1. Fractionated CO2 Laser treatment: This is one of the most sought-after aesthetic treatment known to improve the sagging look of your facial skin. This non-surgical aesthetic treatment has proved to be quite effective in treating fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, acne scars and blotchiness.
One of the most significant advantages of Fractional Laser Resurfacing is its accuracy, since it precisely removes fine lines around eyes, other facial wrinkles and scars. In this procedure, post-operative complications like bleeding, crusting, swelling or infection risks are minimal.

2. Ultrasound treatment for skin tightening: Patients often request for cosmetic procedures that are noninvasive and reliable. Ultrasound facial and neck skin tightening treatments are preferred for this reason only. One benefit of this procedure is that the treatment depth can be altered based on the extent of sagging skin. You can expect the finest results just within a span of four months. First signs of skin tightening are noticed from the first month itself. This treatment works wonders on acne scars too.

3. Cryolipolysis: It is a medical treatment used to reduce fat in common areas. This non-invasive technique offers an alternative to liposuction for those who wish to avoid the risks and lengthy recuperation time related to surgical procedures. Most patients see a noticeable reduction of fat in the treatment area after only one session. However, it may take multiple sessions to realize its full effects. Fat cells that are removed from Cryolipolysis do not return. Hence results last as long as a healthy lifestyle is maintained.

4. Laser treatment for  tattoo removal: Tattoos are no more wanted as permanent options. No wonder then that demand is growing for tattoo removal treatments which can remove these either completely or partially. Laser treatment is one such procedure. The best thing about laser tattoo removal is that it gets completed within fewer sessions. Also you won’t notice any scars after the treatment. Further, this treatment is effective for a wide range of tattoo ink pigmentations.

5. Nanometer Cellulite Treatment: It is the first minimally invasive laser treatment used to treat cellulite in women. It involves inserting a tiny fiber optic beneath the skin to break fiber bands responsible for cellulite. Using this procedure, multiple areas can be treated with only one session. The most common treatment areas are buttocks, hips and thighs.

It is very important to research all the options available before going for any treatment. A wise idea is to consult any reliable aesthetic medical practitioner so as to understand the pros and cons of each treatment and get the best recommendations.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

You must have noticed often in desperation how unreal and photo shopped magazine cover girls appear. Then you consoled yourself saying those pictures are heavily edited. However, the fact remains is that at some moments you too must have secretly wished to procure a fabulously sculpted body and glossy smooth skin like supermodels! Good news is that with aesthetic medicine treatments, you can actually acquire such a look!

While a toned and sculpted body is more about hard work, immense dedication and some radical lifestyle changes, getting the velvety smooth skin that those cover girls flaunt is not such a laborious task.  Thanks to technological advancements, now anyone can go for safe and affordable aesthetic treatments.

Laser hair removal is possibly the easiest option if you are trying to rid yourself of unwanted body hair. However like any other treatment, this hair specific removal technique also has its own set of pros and cons. Thus it is advised that you consider both carefully before deciding to go for the treatment.

How does Laser Hair Removal Treatment work?

Before weighing advantages and disadvantages, you must first understand how it works. There are several devices in the market that are used for laser treatment. Each of these follows the same ground principle.

Medical aesthetic practitioners use a specific device to apply heat energy on the skin in the form of a laser beam. This heat is strong enough to penetrate the skin right down to roots of your hair thereby permanently destroying hair follicles. As a result hair growth gets stalled till the time the body replenishes hair follicles.

The pros and cons of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

The first major pro that comes to mind is that it is much less time consuming as compared to other hair removal methods like threading or electrolysis. Laser hair treatment is also less painful than electrolysis. However, in some cases the method can cause temporary side effects like swelling and redness. In certain extreme situations, the person might suffer from skin discoloration and irritation. 

Those who are looking for a lifelong solution should note that laser hair therapy is not a permanent answer to unwanted hair removal. While it does retard the growth process thereby reducing chances of hair reappearance, there always remains the possibility of hair re-growth as human body replenishes itself.

Laser treatment requires several sessions before it starts delivering desired results. This makes the whole process a little expensive than you would like it to be. Even though laser treatment is not an everlasting hair removal solution, it is still effective enough to guarantee long lasting results thus making your expenditures worth it.

To sum it up

Should you go for laser hair removal or some other treatment? Take the decision only after consulting with an expert aesthetic medical practitioner. After all laser treatment is an expensive and elaborate hair removal process. Some risk factors are associated with it too. So don’t take chances. Once you have decided to go for it, get the treatment done by a certified practitioner only to ensure the safest and most effective outcome.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Skin Pigmentation – Few Important Facts You Should Know

Flawless skin which a woman enjoys in her youth starts to take a dark and dull turn with age. Some would like to call it discoloration while many would name it as pigmentation. Whatever the reason is, it becomes really difficult to get back that smooth and even tone once skin problem strikes. What is even more worrying is that no one knows when and why the skin starts behaving strangely. You just can’t blame it on age because there are so many young women who visit aesthetic medical practitioners with dark spots, uneven tones and other related skin complaints.

When the problem is related to skin, women tend to get nervous and quite naturally so. Discussed below are few important facts related to skin pigmentation, knowing which might help mitigate your skin related worries.
  • Skin pigmentation is a natural body process which can happen due to several reasons. Among all the factors that cause skin discoloration, it is over exposure to sun ray which does the maximum damage. Of the two types of sun rays, UVA is the main culprit which turns your skin darker.
  • With advanced age, skin starts losing its natural even tone.
  • Any sort of irritation can result in skin pigmentation too. Acne prone skin often develops dark patches as you scratch that area. Then blame it on tiny mosquito bites too, which irritates the skin, resulting in a reddish skin hue.
  • You just can’t leave home without spraying your favorite perfume? Think again because body sprays can also turn your skin a shade darker. Perfumes tend to make the skin more sensitive to sun rays thereby promoting discoloration.
  • If you live or work in an area which is extremely polluted then that would start affecting your skin too. Excessive pollution results in greater melanin production, as your skin needs to release antioxidants to face this polluted condition.
Now that you know why your skin is developing dark patches, the next rational step is to look for an effective and permanent cure. The very first measure you need to adopt is shift to a suitable sunscreen. Take a close look at the sunscreen you are using now. An SPF label on the cream means it offers protection against UVB whereas the PA label guarantees protection against UVA. So quite naturally you need to pick up sunscreen cream/lotions with PA++ or PA+++ label, depending on sun exposure.

Any Vitamin E enriched topical cream or lotion offers adequate cover against pigmentation. You can either consume it in pill form or apply the cream in the affected area.

If you prefer natural ingredients over artificial ones, then there are many safe home-made remedies which help reduce dark spots and turn your skin brighter. Licorice root extract, lactic acid, Kojic acid, Vitamin B3 and lemon juice are few such natural ingredients which really help lighten dark skin tones.

Here is the final piece of advice for those who are suffering from dark patches and skin discoloration since long. Don’t allow the skin problem to linger for long. Consult an expert aesthetic medicine practitioner before trying out any specific remedy.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Botox vs. Xeomin

Beauty treatment is no more about applying anti-aging creams or moisturizers. Right now, demand for advanced cosmetic procedures is such that terms like ‘Botox’ or ‘Xeomin’ have almost become household names. A visit to an aesthetic medical practitioner for Botox treatment is nothing unusual among middle aged women. In fact, Botox is considered one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, highly effective in alleviating signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles.

Since past few years, it was only Botox which has been ruling the market. Recently a new entrant, the FDA approved Xeomin, is giving it a tough time.  Both treatments have clear similarities in the same active ingredients that are injected to turn the face smoother, younger and aesthetically pleasing. In fact, some doctors and patients have voted in favor of Xeomin because they feel that its effect lasts longer than the Botox injection. However, before jumping to any such conclusion, it is always advisable to be aware of both cosmetic procedures.

Botulinum – How it Reduces Wrinkle and Fine Lines

FDA-approved Botulinum toxin A is applied to treat wrinkles since 2002.  This highly powerful neurotoxin works in a unique manner and helps relax muscle contractions which mainly cause wrinkles. The treatment is done through injection.

Immediately after its introduction, Botulinum popularity skyrocketed because of its efficiency and almost nil recovery time. Botox is clearly patient’s favorite since it penetrates deep inside the skin to release wrinkles. The effect remains for three to six months, depending on other factors. Those who are hesitant of major facelift surgeries fearing expenses, prolonged recovery time or side effects will surely feel comfortable with Botulinum injections. Thus it is not really surprising that more and more patients are saying ‘No’ to cosmetic treatments like chemical peels or microdermabrasion since these are known to work from outside only.

Xeomin – The Latest Entrant in the Beauty Segment

The basic ingredient that Xeomin contains is Botulinum Toxin A. It being a pure-form injectable with minimum ingredients in the solution, human body doesn’t become resistant to Xeomin so easily. On the contrary, patients develop antibody to Botox quite faster. As a result, the body starts rejecting Botulinum or Dysport treatment after few continuous sessions.

Botox Vs Xeomin – Which has Greater Potential?

According to the latest reports, Xeomin is almost running neck and neck with Botox. Both are measured in same units. Some feel that the former has potential to keep you glowing for over six months. Treatment prices for these cosmetic procedures range between $400 and $600. Since both contain same active ingredient, side effects could also be of identical types. So, it is better to consult your aesthetic medical practitioner to understand which treatment will be more suitable for your skin.

Future of Botulinum Toxin A Beauty Treatment

Be it in Botox or Xeomin form, the future of such cosmetic procedure looks quite promising. Now that Xeomin has received FDA approval in the United States, this obviously presents cosmetic treatment seekers with better alternatives.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tips to Prevent Early Acne Scars

Erratic lifestyles and unhealthy food habit nowadays are causing varied skin problems, irrespective of age, acne being one of them.

Pimples may break out even when you are an adult, leaving skin scars that don’t disappear easily. Before talking about how to prevent early acne scars, it is important to know the root cause behind such skin marks.

When acne happens?

This skin problem generally occurs when oil or sebaceous glands become too active during adolescence and start secreting sebum under the influence of androgen hormone. Though after the age of 20, sebum production reduces gradually, one can develop acne scars if he/she has-

  • Genetic skin problems
  • High level of stress or anxiety
  • Habit of compressing pimples

Acne is further caused if the person doesn’t maintain basic hygiene standards. Those staying in humid climate amidst excessive pollution can also develop pimples. Spending excess time under the sun without sunscreen protection or using too much oily make up can cause this skin condition too.

Five Effective Tips to Prevent Early Acne Scars
  • The best way to avoid scars is by preventing acne from taking a worst turn. Many tend to take acne problems lightly which is not at all advisable. Start an early treatment. Rather than relying on own medication, a wise approach is to consult an aesthetic medical practitioner.
  • Inflamed acne lesions leave greater scars than non-inflamed ones. Avoid harsh skin care products. Scrub your skin gently. Don’t do anything to further irritate skin in case it shows early signs of acne.
  • If you have this habit of squeezing or popping the pimple, then stop immediately! This can lead to skin infection and acute inflammation which in turn damage skin tissues severely. By squeezing pimples, you are extending healing time too. In worst cases, the person is left with permanent acne scar.
  • One positive thing is that acne doesn’t leave scar always. However, if you are indeed unlucky to develop scars whenever pimple happens, then better consult a skincare expert.
  • Excessive exposure to sun can severely damage your skin and delay the healing process. If you need to spend maximum time outdoors, then opt for a good sunscreen. Apply it at least half an hour before leaving home. Those who are prone to pimples should avoid oil based sunscreens.

To Sum it Up

Acne is not a very serious skin problem. If you have an acne-prone skin, then certain precautionary measures are to be adopted. Try to lead a healthy and stress-free life. Acne can be prevented by following a specific skin cleansing and nourishing routine. Of course, you need patience and persistence to stick to the dos and don’ts.

In case acne scarring takes serious turn, immediately get in touch with a skincare expert for necessary guidance. By consulting the aesthetic medical practitioner, you get to know what kind of cream or lotion should be applied to prevent recurrence of acnes. 

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

How to Detect the Seriousness of Melasma

Flawless skin is what every woman desires. The problem with human skin is that it is highly susceptible to external damage. As the outermost layer of your body, the skin’s appearance gets affected first because of several internal and external factors. One common skin problem which can arise irrespective of age is hyper pigmentation or Melasma. Before talking about its detection, it is important to know what exactly Melasma is.

Basic Facts about Melasma

Melasma, scientifically known as Chloasma faciei is a particular type of cosmetic condition whereby dark irregular patches appear on the skin. It particularly affects the areas of skin that are exposed to sun like arms, neck and even chest. In general, this skin condition affects your face first and then spreads to other portions. Asian and Hispanic women have greater chances of getting this disease because of their particular skin types. Stress and hormonal imbalances can also cause hyper pigmentation. This is why pregnant women or women in their pre-menopausal stages often get affected by Melasma.

Melasma can be classified into three types. Dermal melasma occurs in the dermis of the skin, epidermal melasma attacks the epidermis portion, whereas mixed melasma affects both the dermis and epidermis areas. The easiest way to figure out the category is checking out patches of discoloration on the affected portion. While the epidermal kind is light brown, dermal is grayish and the mixed type is darkish in color. A professional however uses a wooden lamp to determine the type of Melasma, based on skin behavior under the wood light.

Determining the Intensity of Melasma

The most commonly used tool to determine the intensity of melasma is the MASI (Melasma Area and Severity Index) score. In a nutshell, intensity of the condition is measured in various parts of the face, i.e., forehead, cheeks and chin. Then, each area is graded starting from 0 to 6, based on the percentile of involvement. A 0 score implies no unusual hyper pigmentation whereas 1score means less than 10% area is affected. The range moves up this way. A MASI score of 3 indicates around 50% hyper-pigmentation. When the score is 4, it implies severe melasma with almost 70% affected area. However, the procedure is very complicated and varies according to individual skin type. Hence, it is better to trust an experienced skin professional to conduct an accurate test.

Effective Melasma Remedies

Prevention is always better than cure, so it’s better if you start following a daily skin care regime. Sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30 should be a mandatory application before going out. If possible, stop medications like contraceptives that cause hormonal fluctuations. Several natural remedies work wonder for the affected skin like berries, wheat, citrus fruits, different types of grains and seeds. It is not advisable to go for self medication to treat melasma. The ideal way to treat melasma is to consult an aesthetic medical practitioner. Someone who is rightly equipped to analyze melasma symptoms and its severity is the right person to cure this hyper-pigmentation problem. 

Friday, 18 July 2014

Revlite Laser - The Most Effective Treatment for Hyper-pigmented Skin

Hyper pigmentation is referred to any kind of abnormal darkening of the skin. This usually includes everything from freckles to liver spots. Hyper pigmentation can be quite irritating. After all, who would like to have discolored or pigmented skin! Then, these spots are hard to remove too. Thanks to the latest technological advancements, doctors have been able to come up with an effective remedy known as Revlite Treatment that works wonder on hyper-pigmented skin.

What is Revlite Treatment?

The treatment is a non-invasive procedure that uses beam of light as high-energy pulse to disintegrate melanin deposits. The revlite laser is applied to remove any kind of scar or discoloration like acne spots, sun tans, age spots, liver marks, sun freckles or even a tattoo. Further, the laser promotes collagen growth underneath the skin. This results in firmer and younger looking skin.

How does Revlite Laser Work?

The wavelength of light to be used during the treatment is determined by quality of the skin to be treated. The laser pulse is applied to dissolve pigments and stimulate new collagen production. This makes your skin appear pleasantly plump. The principle underlying revlite concept is that laser wave works only on aberrations and doesn’t affect normal parts. This is why it is important to correctly determine the particular wavelength required to be applied for specific skin discoloration problem.

More About the Revlite Treatment

It doesn’t hurt! The treatment feels just like a mild sting on the skin. An initial redness is noticed but it disappears within a few hours time. In rare cases, it might take longer for the redness to recede. There are provisions for local anesthesia but the discomfort is so minimal that patients decide to opt out of it. Doctors advise abstinence from alcohol, Vitamin E and ASA prior to the treatment. Ideally you should not expose yourself to sun immediately after the treatment but in case going out during daytime becomes absolutely necessary, a sunscreen with high SPF is strongly recommended.

Benefits of the Revlite treatment

The treatment manages to remove all unwanted discoloration. Just two to three sittings are enough to accomplish the mission but some spots can be resilient. In general, the treatment has no side effects. Chances of any kind of infection are very rare too. The spots that are removed do not return, but new spots can form due to excessive sun exposure.

The Revlite Treatment is a new age technology that corrects skin painlessly and naturally. Due to pollution and sun exposure, pores in our skin get bigger, making it susceptible to various skin problems like acne and pigmentation. Such skin catches aging signs faster too. The laser used in the Revlite Treatment system improves overall skin texture by constricting enlarged pores, promoting collagen formation and dissolving deposited pigment.

After successful completion of the treatment, your skin gets rejuvenated, appears brighter, cleaner, smoother and suppler. After a Revlite session, you don’t have to photoshop your pictures!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Manage your Weight in the HCG Diet Way

HCG Secretion
  1. HCG is a hormone secreted by the placenta in pregnant women.
  2. The full expansion of HCG is Human Chronic Gonadotropin.
  3. Doctors first observed that overweight pregnant women lost weight and hence conducted studies.
  4. It was found that coupled with HCG injections, a low calorie diet and exercise, it was possible to lose the fat and some inches too.
  5. HCG has not been approved by the FDA for weight loss, however it has been approved for the treatment of other medical problems.
Usage and Method
  1. The HCG diet was originally developed by Dr. A. T. W. Simeons to help obese patients to enable them to quickly and safely lose weight. It was meant for those obese patients who would otherwise have developed dangerous health conditions.
  2. For weight loss purposes, HCG is used in very low doses.
  3. The recommended dosage is 20 units, weekly.
  4. It has to be injected, as this is the only proven method for its positive effect.
  5. If required and after evaluation by your medical practitioner, more frequent injections maybe given.
Benefits of HCG Injectable
  1. It has a positive effect on your mood.
  2. It increases your energy levels.
  3. It also helps people suffering from back pain.
  4. It relives pain from those suffering from migranes.
  5. It helps reduce more inches, rapidly.
  6. It does not act on patients whose weight is not in the recommended range or where their BMI (body mass index) falls short.
  7. HCG acts only on the abnormal fat or on the “spare tire”.
  8. It is a safe and quick way of losing weight.
  9. HCG injections keep you from losing body muscle, while undergoing the treatment.
  10. The HCG Diet Weight Loss program provides for a stronger metabolism, maintenance of weight loss after the diet program is completed.
The HCG Diet
  1. This diet was original designed to encourage a healthier lifestyle limiting the use of less fatty foods and certain products.
  2. There are 7 variations of the original HCG diet.
  3. There are two time periods for the HCG weight loss treatment – a short term and one that lasts for 40 days.
  4. Whichever variation is followed, it basically recommends the limitation of consumption of foods such as sweet fruits, starchy foods, eggs, and milk.
  5. The HCG diet also curtails the use of certain topical products such as lotions, chap-stick and conditioners, which contain fatty substances or harmful chemicals, which may cause reactions.
Preparing to Lose Weight the HCG Way
  1. Mentally prepare yourself by writing down all the reasons why you have chosen to lose weight. Remember these goals and stay focused throughout the entire program.
  2. Your physical preparation will involve stocking up on foods that conform to the HCG diet program.
  3. The HCG program has multiple recipes that conform to the requirements for calorie intake.
  4. Make sure you pre-cook your food and there is ample food available, so that you do not resort to vending machines and fast food, just because you were not prepared. That would defeat the purpose of the diet.
  5. Use charts to keep track of the weight you have lost and the inch loss, as well.
  6. Weigh yourself each morning after voiding.
  7. While weighing yourself wear garments of a similar nature, so as to not to cause a variance while weighing in.
Is HCG Safe?

HCG is safe for both men and women. Consult with a doctor before starting this diet. In case of any swelling, shortness of breath, dizziness or heavy redness, consult with a doctor, immediately.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Laser Hair Removal Treatment: Types of Hair & Skin Colors

Types of Hair on the Skin

There are 3 types of body hair on the human body:
  • Terminal Hair
  • Vellus Hair
  • Lanugo Hair

When we commonly speak about hair, it refers to mainly Terminal Hair and in some cases Vellus Hair. Lanugo Hair is found on fetuses and this hair generally falls off within a few days to a week after birth.

For the purposes of Laser Hair Removal Treatments, the type of hair that we need to know about would be primarily Terminal Hair and to some extent Vellus Hair.

Terminal Hair

Hair on the head and hair visible on the arms, legs and on the torso, is generally referred to as terminal hair. Wherever terminal hair is present on the skin, it is connected to oil producing glands called sebaceous glands. Androgenic hair is a subtype of terminal hair.

Vellus Hair

This hair is very fine and short, and is generally not more than a tenth of an inch, in length. This type of hair is normally referred to as peach fuzz. In addition, this type of hair, which covers all surfaces of the body, is not easily visible to the eye, as it is typically light blond or translucent in color. 

However, two areas, where you may be able to definitely see this type of hair is either on the upper lip or on the back of the neck, and you can find this type of hair mostly on women and young children.

Hair Colors

Depending on the ethnicity, the color of body hair, can be black, brown, blond, red, gray or white.

Human Skin Colors
  1. Ranges from very dark brown to very light pinkish-white hues.
  2. The pigmentation in the human skin is the reason for the natural selection of skin colors.
  3. A direct relationship exists between the geographic distribution of the ultra violet rays and the types of skin colors, as the UV rays have a direct effect on the pigmentation, present in the skin.
Laser Hair Removal
  1. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, laser hair removal treatment is the third most sought after treatment.
  2. Many people opt for the Laser Hair Removal procedure in order to remove excess growth of body hair or to remove hair visible on certain parts of the body, which could otherwise be embarrassing.
  3. In the nascent stages when this treatment began, many ethnic groups like Latin, African-American, Asian and other ethnic groups with dark skin tones were often discouraged from undertaking this treatment, because of poor quality control and poor training of laser technicians, damage to the skin was caused.
  4. Technology has since advanced with newer and more advanced types of laser hair removal lasers available in the market. Consequently, it no longer matters what skin color an individual has and the daunting fear of skin damage can also be put aside.
  5. Laser hair removal treatment does not work on the Vellus type of hair, due to its characteristics. However, the laser hair removal treatment works just fine on terminal hair.
  6. The laser light in the laser to be used on ethnic skin tones and dark skinned individuals, will have long wavelengths and long pulse widths too.
  7. Lasers with shorter wavelengths such as the 810mm diode will be more effective on some lighter ethnic skin tones.
Prior to undergoing the Laser Hair Removal treatment it is important to discuss the following points:
  1. Your skin type.
  2. Your expectations.
  3. The types of conditions that could affect the treatment outcome.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

How to keep the Glow on your Face

Sallow Dull Tired Skin

The face you present to the world should reflect the healthy and happy you. A dull, sallow and ashen complexion suggests that you are tired, totally worn out and older than you really are. The skin is the most important feature of your face, which also is a window that portrays your overall, physical health. If your skin looks dull, sallow and tired, all is not lost, for you can restore your skin and bring back that glow to your face, with these tips.
  1. Drink water and stay hydrated; this is very important and the least expensive solution.
  2. Eating a proper diet comprising of foods rich in nutrients, helps strengthen skin tissues and cells.
  3. Vitamin A is necessary for a good complexion. It is present in vegetables with beta carotene and in low fat, dairy products.
  4. Antioxidants and Vitamin C and E are another source for rejuvenating your dull, tired skin. Antioxidants are present in fruits such as cherries, berries, red grapes, oranges, lemons and limes. While vitamin C is present in citrus fruits and Vitamin E rich foods are oils, cereals, nuts and sunflower seeds. Tea also contains antioxidants and antioxidants help prevent damage of skin from free radicals.
  5. Garlic has quite a few unrealized benefits. Eating garlic helps your skin cells last longer and it gives you a more youthful look. Garlic is also said to prevent the growth of cancerous cells.
  6. Add Omega-3 to your diet. Fish like salmon and mackerel are rich in Omega-3, so also walnuts and olive oil.
  7. Exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells, impurities and excess oil. Use a cleanser and gently massage your skin to remove the oil and to improve the flow of blood in your skin. Rub a toner over your skin to remove any residual dirt.
  8. To hydrate your skin and to get that dewy look, apply a moisturizer that contains natural oils in it, such as rosemary or almond oil. Chose moisturizers in tune with the weather; in summer chose a lighter moisturizer and in winter, user a heavier and thicker moisturizer.
  9. Avoid long hot showers as this strips your skin of the essential moisture. Your showers should not be longer than 10 minutes and the water should be lukewarm, or else, especially in winter, your skin will dry out.
  10. Facial cleansing creams make for good protection when used on your neck and chest, as these areas are also prone to developing wrinkles, and will show signs of aging and dryness.
  11. Avoid using soaps with heavy perfumes, rather use soaps that contain more fat. Use soaps containing more fat, as this helps your skin stay moisturized.
  12. Moisturize the skin on your hands and feet and use cotton gloves and socks to cover your hands and feet, to allow the moisturizer to hydrate your skin.
  13. Shower, using a Loofah, as they help exfoliate your skin and prevent unwanted bumps from forming due to ingrown hair. Moisten your Loofah with a few drops of alpha hydroxy acid, to make your skin as smooth as silk.
  14. Avoid perfumes and scented products if you intend to spend a day out in the sun. Perfumed products and the sun could result in a blotchy skin.
The Finishing Touch

How you apply your make up on is also important. To get that smooth, dewy, flawless look, you will need to use a primer, some base foundation, a concealer, mineral powder, high-lights or contour combos, and blush. Voila! A radiant and glowing "You". 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Keeping your Skin Younger

Genetics and Aging

Some people are genetically blessed and despite their age still sport a radiant and younger skin. Genes that we inherit, also direct the rate at which the collagen in our skin is produced. At the end of the chromosomes (present in DNA and from where we inherit our traits), on the DNA chain are telomeres. These telomeres allow division and replication of the cells, simultaneously preserving the genetic coding that are to be inherited. Recent research of these telomeres indicates that those who have chromosomes with longer telomere sequences, live longer (an average of 5 years more) and their skin looks much younger and healthier, even as they grow older.

If proper care and precautions are not taken then despite the inherited genes, factors such as the environment (long exposure to the sun and UV rays), smoking and lifestyle (lack of exercise and a healthy diet), can damage your skin and the inevitable wrinkles will age your skin.

Kick the Sugar Love-tie

If you have a sweet tooth and love to drink soft drinks and eat candy or even simple foods like honey, white rice or white bread, then it is time to reconsider those dietary habits. Foods with simple sugars, when ingested, break down easily and enter the blood stream and cohere with the protein molecules present in the cells, including the elastin and collagen present in our skin. Consequently, sagging skin and lines / wrinkles form.

Love to Fly?

In the present world and lifestyle / business travel, frequent flyers abound. The downside of frequently flying is that you are closer to the sun than if you were on the ground. The effects of the sun can be pretty harsh on the skin; one of the reasons why pilots and air attendants are prone to melanoma or cancer of the skin. The dry air also affects the skin and without moisture the skin wrinkles.
  • So when flying drink a lot of water to stay hydrated
  • Avoid alcohol and salty foods
  • Apply a protective moisturizer with SPF 15; apply the moisturizer 30 minutes prior to flying
  • Pull the shades down if you are sitting next to a window

Stress Busters

Stress, anxiety and tensions dog your footsteps and are factors that are not kind to your skin either. Stress and anxiety releases a hormone called cortisol which has an adverse effect on collagen and the elastin in your skin. Constant tensions may make you perpetually wear a frown or a grimace, ultimately causing those lines and wrinkles. So, learn to relax and bust those tensions away with Yoga and brisk walking.

Loss of Moisture and Weight Gain

Gaining weight, even if it is a mere 10 to 15 pounds does have an impact on your skin. More weight results in the increased production of insulin and cortisol, which in turn damages the collagen in your skin. Frequently losing or gaining weight is also not good for your skin, as the ups and downs can cause stretch marks and dewlap to form.

Menopause causes the skin to dry. Consequently, ensure to moisturize as much as possible to prevent those wrinkles from making their appearance.

In La-la Land

If you have had a sleepless night, the morning after leaves its inevitable mark. While you sleep, your skin works to repair the damage caused, every day. Lack of sleep aggravates the release of cortisone which damages the collagen and elastin in your skin. Sleep is also a good panacea for relieving stress, anxiety and tensions. On an average 7 to 8 hours of sleep is necessary to keep your skin looking younger.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Possible Impact of Tattoos on Careers

The Views of Society on Tattoos

To exist in this world and in society, certain unspoken or laid down rules exist. For centuries these rules and etiquette have been followed. It may be an old fashioned way of thinking but yet it infallibly exists. In bygone eras, in cultures where it was customary to be tattooed, such communities now do not follow the practice, as it puts a label on them. Similarly, in the United States of America the association of tattoos has always been with gangs and hoodlums, drug peddlers, sex workers, prisoners and roaming sailors. Since the association has been negative all along, the psychological impact has consequently led to a negative reaction and dislike amongst older generations. Often these values are percolated down to the ensuing generations and hence the shunning of body art. In the career world though the tattoo has no direct correlation to the ability and skills of the person, it still matters when a potential candidate is sporting a tattoo. While tattoo removal is very much a possible option, why should having a tattoo make any difference to cornering a dream job, in the first place?


The first basic rule any fresh job applicant is taught is the importance of appearances. It does not suffice to have all the qualifications and knowledge and to be the right candidate for the job, if your appearance does not match expectations. Your appearance, personality and presence also are a part of your job / career development. Remember you may be young but there is always a more older generation around who have grown up with certain values and hence those rules, those values, that dislike and mistrust, will exist.

Hiring Managers Reactions

Most jobs are customer facing or at some point may require you to interact with a customer. Consequently, a hiring manager while vetting your skills and capabilities also looks at you as a brand representation and how you may be viewed. Therefore, if those tattoos are going to make their presence felt, the hiring manager may have to pass you over for somebody equally qualified, even though the manager may have liked you for the person you are.

Negative Tattoos

Some tattoos maybe considered cool to have but to the viewer, especially somebody with very pristine skin and views, these tattoos reflect the negative in you. Tattoos such as a spider’s web on the neck. This could produce a creepy feeling in somebody viewing it, especially if that person does not happen to like creepy crawlies. Tattoos to do with death like somebody being hung, somebody being shot, facial tears, drugs and sex connotations are all certainly a deterrent to landing that dream job. Needless to say if you have a swastika, you can imagine the reaction!

1960s Ban

In 1960s after there was a break out of hepatitis sourced from a tattoo parlor, many states banned tattooing.

Corporate America

Today in many corporate, especially those with strict dress codes (like banks), visible tattoos are frowned upon. Besides if you look at any middle management and above in the Fortune 500 companies, you will not find one sporting a tattoo. In the business world, tattoos are still taboo, especially since many companies want to present a good front to the public in general.
San Bernardino County in California prohibits its employees from wearing jeans, having visible tattoos or sporting of jewelry from pierced lips, nose or tongue.

A study by CareerBuilder’s showed:
  • Over 42% of hiring managers said that their decision would be affected by somebody sporting a tattoo
  • 3 out of every 4 interviewee believe that visible tattoos are unprofessional. 

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Xeomin the Alternative Wrinkle Treatment

Basic Composition of Botox and Xeomin

The basic composition of Xeomin and Botox is botulinum toxin A. Botulinum toxin is a naturally occurring protein and a neurotoxin produced by bacteria. It is used as a therapeutic, muscle-relaxing injectable that works on the nerve ends of the facial muscles, to reduce deep seated wrinkles. It flattens out the visible wrinkles and the long term benefits are when the skin smoothens out, without the negative influence of the muscles that caused the wrinkles. Xeomin acts on facial muscles that are oft used when we frown, squint or furrow our brows and on crow’s feet at the corners of our eyes.

Why Xeomin is an Alternative Wrinkle Treatment 
  • Unlike Botox, Xeomin does not require to be refrigerated, consequently simplifying storage and distribution
  • It also has no additives other than its basic composition of botulinum A
  • Therefore, this could mean that there is lesser risk of developing antibodies against Xeomin
  • Since antibodies are not formed there are lesser chances of the neurotoxins not functioning effectively
  • Xeomin acts a week after it has been injected and the effect of the therapeutic, cosmetic treatment lasts from three to six months
  • However, Xeomin should not be used with other botulinum products or interchanged with them
  • Though rare, Botox can stop working sometimes, especially since antibodies can prevent it from working effectively. However, the same is not true for Xeomin, as it does not cause the development of antibodies and hence in the long run, Xeomin will work effectively
  • Xeomin used properly will leave a natural and effectively smooth skin
  • When Xeomin is injected strategically around the eyes and forehead, it can give the appearance of a brow lift or eyelid lift
  • Xeomin can also be used to treat excessive sweating
  • Other areas where Xeomin can be injected to treat wrinkles are, on the chin, around the mouth and to reduce an excessive gummy smile
  • Xeomin is also used to reduce the appearance of an excessively square jaw
  • In comparison to Botox and Dysport, Xeomin is slower to act
  • It is a prescription medication and before being treated, consult with your doctor on the procedure and risk factors
  • Xeomin has been approved by the FDA as a safe cosmetic, therapeutic injectable

Procedure and Downtime
  • The procedure to inject Xeomin takes about 10 – 15 minutes
  • Normal activities can be begun immediately
  • After the treatment, all caution must be taken not to rub the face
  • When the treatment is undergone with a certified dermatologist or a qualified doctor, the pain that may be caused at the injection sites can be reduced with the use of special techniques and equipment. However, upon request a topical cream can be used to numb the sites of the injection

Average Cost

The average cost of Xeomin treatment across the United States of America is around US$400.

Some Risk Factors

There are some risks associated with botulinum products such as Xeomin and Botox.
  • The risk of the product spreading to other areas in the body other than the site of injectable is likely, causing swallowing and breathing problems. This has not so far been observed in patients who received Xeomin for cosmetic purposes
  • Bleeding and bruising at the injected site may occur
  • Allergic reactions such as itching, swelling and shortness of breath can also occur
  • No matter what the purpose of the usage of Xeomin is, the side effects of the injectable are – pain in the neck area, weakness of muscles, pain at the site of injection and muscular-skeletal pain 

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Viral warts and tattoos

What are viral warts and how do they happen?
  1. Warts are small, harmless growths caused by viral infection.
  2. Warts develop due to unhygienic conditions or because of contact with other people who are infected.
  3. The warts are caused by a viral disease known as HPV or Human Pappiloma Virus.
  4. Transference of the infection can be either direct (from person to person) or indirect (through objects or substances such as clothing, bedding, especially from hospitals).
  5. Swimming pools and bathrooms are some common areas, which spread warts, especially if the skin has been softened and comes in to contact with rough surfaces. Once the infection has penetrated the skin, spreading of the infection can occur by scratching, shaving, traumatization of the skin, such as piercing at the location of the skin where the infection is present.
  6. If someone had already been infected, there is more likelihood of the warts reoccurring.
  7. Occurrence of the HPV is likely in children from ages 2-12 years and in both genders of the human race.
  8. The infection can regress anywhere from 3 months to 2 years, depending on the nature of the viral infection. There are several strains of the HPV which can co-exist and interact.
  9. The time taken by the warts to clear out depends on the strain of virus infecting the skin, the host’s immune system, and extent and duration of the warts.
Will Warts affect Tattooed Skin?

Yes, they will if proper care is not taken.

Tips to Maintaining Tattooed Skin

Skin tags, infections such as acne and viral warts can also affect skin that has tattoos. While it is easier to treat skin that has no artwork on it, treating a tattooed skin could damage the artwork. Therefore to ensure that your tattoos retain their beauty, follow these tips.
  • Before you embark on getting a tattoo or tattoos, and if it is going to be in a spot where there is hair growth, then get the area waxed by a professional, instead of allowing the tattoo artist to shave of the hair. When waxing is done by a professional, there are less chances of ingrowth of hair.
  • If a wart or acne is present at the spot where you intend to get the wart, first get it treated by a dermatologist. Do not get a tattoo especially if you have a HPV infection, as piercing or traumatization of the skin can cause the infection to spread even more.
  • If you go on to get a tattoo over the skin tag or wart, then the tattoo design will have a large skin tag or wart which could distort the image.
  • Prior to getting a tattoo avoid getting a sun tan as sun tans and tattoos do not gel well.
  • If you wish to retain the quality of your tattoo through the years, avoid the sun. Use a SPF 30 sun tan lotion. Exposure to too much sun can cause the tattoos to blur over time.
  • Do not bathe, shower or get your skin wet immediately after getting a tattoo, as your skin is still tender and is healing from the tattoo process and traumatization of the piercing. Avoid swimming pools and stay away from bathing in the sea, as the chlorine and salt in the water will wash away the colors from your tattoo.
  • Remember that the area where the tattoo has been affixed is still tender and is healing. Therefore do not scratch the healing skin, as your nails carry bacteria that could infect the raw, healing skin.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Homemade Wrinkle Treatments

Aging and Wrinkle Formation

A newborn baby has a very soft, smooth and wrinkly skin. Nourishment and growth fill out the wrinkles and with growth the aging process begins. During this stage, special baby lotions and skin care products that are applied onto the baby’s skin, continue to keep the baby/toddler’s skin smooth, soft and supple. As the child grows, it is still important to protect the skin from exposure to the sun, pollution and chemicals in the air. Teenage years with its blights and acne, changes the texture of the skin as it starts its aging process. This is the time to start a skin care regime to ward off those pesky wrinkles that will inevitably start to appear in your early thirties; as lines first and if immediate correctional action is not taken, then yes, those wrinkles will soon make their appearance.

In order to age gracefully, and keep that skin looking young, soft, smooth and wrinkle free, here are some homemade remedies that can keep your skin healthy, glowing and wrinkle free. Remember it is not only imperative to pay attention to the general health of your body but it is also necessary to maintain a healthy skin that helps match your young looking body.

Homemade Remedies to ward off Wrinkles

Spas and beauty salons will give you their professional treatments but at a cost. It is nice to be pampered and to relax while the professional beautician sets to work to pamper and tone your facial skin. But that same skin care and pampering can also be carried out in the comfort of your home. Here is how.

A Fruit, Honey Yogurt Mask

Ingredients employed to make this mask are 1 tsp. of plain yogurt, 1 tsp. of honey, 1/2 tsp. of orange juice, and 1/4 cup of bananas. Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix, apply it to your face either using a soft brush or by using your hands. Lie down for 15 minutes to allow the mask to work its magic. The yogurt and honey work on your skin to tighten the enlarged pores and the orange juice helps to smoothen out your skin, while the banana helps to hydrate skin that is dry and irritated.

A Tart and Limey Mask

This is a slow acting mask but can be used twice in a day. The mask is made off just Lemon Juice. Lemon juice helps to tighten your skin and the enlarged pores and also helps tighten the wrinkled skin on your face. However, since lemon juice could dry out your skin, please use a light moisturizer, after washing the lemon juice mask off your face. Lemon juice is also effective in getting rid of other aging signs such as dark circles under your eyes.

An Egg, Honey and Fruit Mask

Ingredients used in this mask are 1 white of an egg, 1 tsp of organic honey, 3-4 drops of tea tree oil (for acne prone skin), 1 tsp of non- GMO cornstarch (the latter to be used in case of an oily skin or for extra tightening effects). Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix and then apply a thin layer of the mask onto your face. Let it remain for 30 minutes before you rinse your face out. Using the egg white without whisking it results in your facial skin being smoother and sleeker look.

Three Vitamins

Vitamin E, C and K also play an important role in helping keep your skin rejuvenated, young and wrinkle free. Consumption of food rich in these vitamins will help keep your skin young and supple.